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Ukraine Trivia
- Helping Canadians get the facts

We are working to better understand how misinformation affects public perceptions of the war in Ukraine and how digital tools can be used to reduce the harmful effects of such misinformation.








Misinformation can undermine our capacity to engage in informed discussion on global affairs issues and risks deepening divisions within our communities.

In Canada, misinformation narratives about the war in Ukraine have made their way into online spaces, underscoring the need for new efforts to reduce the harmful effects of the narratives on our communities. Recognizing this challenge, Digital Public Square seeks to support Canadians with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate issues like this. 

As part of this project, we are creating a gamified digital tool to increase awareness of and resilience to harmful misinformation related to the war in Ukraine. To do so, we are working with experts and communities impacted by misinformation to best meet the diverse needs of Canadians. 

We envision this platform as contributing to efforts to provide access to reliable information on global affairs issues.