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Resilience Online
- Helping vulnerable communities to safeguard their information environment

We are working with our community partners to better understand how online mis and disinformation affects their information environment. Our localized approach will help develop strategies to build resilience in the face of information pollution.




Ethiopia / Nigeria / Brazil / Sri Lanka / Malaysia




Mis and disinformation impacts healthy information flow in any society. Its effects are more severe in vulnerable information environments with insufficient tools or strategies and faced around the world. In Nigeria, election-related misinformation floats around everyday, and prevents people from choosing their leaders for the right reasons. In Sri Lanka, misinformation deepens the economic crisis the country is presently facing. Rapid deforestation has been justified by misinformation campaigns in Brazil, whereas in Malaysia, mega economic projects are marred with misinformation impacting economic rights of the people.

This project builds on work our team leads with partners in Ethiopia that focuses on combating misinformation around local social issues. This project will expand our pilot work with local partners to use digital tools that engage meaningfully with communities to increase awareness on mis and disinformation, and ultimately, build resilience through digital literacy.