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The Annex Project
- Connecting neighbourhoods on issues that matter to them.

The Annex Residents Association and Digital Public Square are teaming up to help drive participation on issues that matter deeply to their neighbourhood. In the coming months, we will pilot a new participation platform that aims to help communities generate outcomes that are more inclusive of everyone’s needs.


Social Cohesion






Many of us struggle to stay connected in our neighbourhood. Traditional methods of community engagement, such as committee meetings, stakeholder consultations, and public meetings, do not reach everyone in our communities. Neighbourhood and community representatives struggle with generating participation and gathering information to be more inclusive. Meanwhile, social distancing measures in-place due to the outbreak of COVID-19 have made digital connectivity the only remaining channel for neighbours to engage with each other.

Conducting public consultation is a complex challenge for every community. We’re building a new tool to help augment traditional consultation with digital engagement that can reach more people.

The Annex is growing. Over the next decade it will see the addition of at least 3500 new residents. The Annex Residents’ Association (ARA) knows that now, perhaps more than ever, we need new ways of understanding what residents value and prioritize when it comes to community issues. 

We’re working with the ARA to pilot this new tool for Annex residents. The goal? A whole community that is enabled to share their views together on issues they care deeply about.

Possible Use Cases

  • Public consultations
  • Connecting communities on complex issues