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Political Process Monitoring in Iran
- Iran’s First Promise Tracker

Rouhani Meter was the first promise-tracking platform for Iran. The platform enabled Iranians to follow and crowdsource information on President Hassan Rouhani’s progress in keeping his campaign promises.


Political Accountability & Transparency






Iranian citizens are regularly denied the ability to access information on political issues and freely express their opinions online. Their government actively creates barriers to civic engagement and denies their citizens the ability to debate issues and share a plurality of thoughts in digital spaces.

A graph showing the number of promises kept, not achieved, and in progress.

Rouhani Meter connects citizens with research and fact-checking on the commitments of President Hassan Rouhani, with verification via crowd-sourcing from inside Iran – helping users freely access information on campaign promises.

A list of promises, with varying statuses.

In 2013, citizens were able to access the project directly through Psiphon’s VPN and access the latest data over the first 100 days of President Rouhani’s term in office.

This work was grown further in 2014-2015 to include 200+ members of Iran’s Parliament - Majlis Monitor.

A searchable list of Iranian MPs.

One month after launch Rouhani Meter was blocked inside Iran. Despite this, over the coming months Iran's citizens would access the site using VPNs (virtual private networks) to circumvent censorship and track the progress of their country's political leadership.

4.5MUsers from inside Iran
26.6MVisits from inside Iran
34MTotal page views

Since 2016, the project has grown to be independent from Digital Public Square and is solely managed by an external Iranian research team.

Possible Use Cases

  • Promise Tracking Globally