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The Fix-it Shop
- A story without words.

The Fix-It Shop, a story-driven game without words, follows the journey of a young Muslim man who grapples with the weight of responsibility, young love, and ultimately, how we care for family.


Generating Empathy


Asia, Europe, and North America




Many of us face ridicule and are stereotyped because of what we believe, the clothes we wear, or even the language we speak. Malicious actors often target these communities to drive wedges between them and the majority population. Often, these actors seek to dehumanize these communities and stoke racism online.

Created by the Digital Public Square project, the Fix-it Shop is a labour of love from the founding team and aims to explore how digital story-telling helps all of us experience shared perspectives and generate empathy.

Introduction screen with game title and instructions to press play to start.

Stories create opportunities for people to move past their preconceptions and feel empathy those who they often do not understand or see.

The Fix-it Shop put you in the shoes of the main character as he confronts experience that many of us can relate to - no matter where we come from.

In-game illustration of a young girl approaching her father while he's busy fixing a TV.

Our main character takes a journey through time confronting the decisions he's made that have led him to who he is today.

Various in-game illustrations representing memories.

The Fix-it Shop is set to launch in the coming months for players worldwide.

Possible Use Cases

  • Combating racism
  • Empathy building in sensitive environments