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- Communities collaborating to plan neighbourhood events.

Collab is a prototype built by Sidewalk Labs and Digital Public Square to help break through barriers and help people participate from anywhere, at any time when it comes to community events.


Connecting communities






We all want more say when it comes to planning community events, but life and work can make it hard to participate.

We designed a tool that would allow community members to propose their choices for events in public spaces and explore the inherent trade-offs of their decisions.

Start screen.Event selector.View of plaza with selected events.

Before they submit their proposal, a user explore the trade-offs associated with each event selection. Do their choices generate heavy foot traffic? How much do their selections impact cost? And more.

Chart illustrating the attributes of selected events.

A farmers market provides fresh produce and draws a lot of foot traffic, for example, but residents quickly see how the event may impact resources.

A chart illustrating the overall effects on your plaza.

Collab also helps residents share ideas for new events. Other residents can share their support by reacting to those designs.

Custom event submitted by user.

The Collab Prototype was launched in 2019!

Possible Use Cases

  • Planning for community festivals
  • Group planning for events
  • Sharing and receiving feedback on community events