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The need for good technology has never been greater

Social media echo chambers, algorithms that prioritize consumption, and content loops that demand endless attention have made people vulnerable.

Our communities have been exploited by sophisticated foreign and domestic actors who leverage digital platforms to divide neighbours, friends, and families. Meanwhile, as the world confronts the impact of COVID-19, we are all increasingly dependent on these platforms to work and live. Communities need support - now more than ever.

Communities are healthier and more resilient when they are inclusive, connected, and have opportunities to generate meaningful engagement.

We’ve spent the better part of a decade learning how to create tools that enable these outcomes through the use of good technology.

From platforms that track political accountability, to empowering new voices countering violent online narratives, to building new ways for neighbourhood communities to reach decisions, DPS develops new technologies to keep people connected and engaged.

We build with communities

Technology should to be co-developed with the people who need it.

We embrace inclusive frameworks

Communities need better frameworks for decision-making. Ones that include more people, increase participation, and produce more durable outcomes for everyone.

We encourage healthy deliberation

People need to be engaged on their own terms. We help them find new ways to articulate what they need and meaningfully connect with others on what they deeply care about.

How we help