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Our Next Decade: From the Founders

June 29, 2023


Charting the trajectory of Digital Public Square (DPS), we find ourselves at the intersection of a decade-long journey, where each step we've taken has been a multiplier. Our purpose was clear: to connect people with information using good technology, while preserving their dignity and privacy. And with each passing year, that resolve only deepened.

Digital Public Square has grown significantly, undertaking vital grant-funded projects that have touched the lives of millions worldwide. DPS’s work has focused on many important issues, from combating religious intolerance and improving digital education, to connecting local communities and delivering life-saving health information. We have remained motivated by our belief in compounding efforts, that engaging people genuinely, evidenced by our  actions can impact communities far and wide.

This diverse team of talented people have remained steadfast — doubling their resolve during a global pandemic — to ensure communities have greater agency to explore information in safer, more secure, and privacy-first digital environments. As we reflect on our journey at Digital Public Square, we feel an unbelievable sense of gratitude for this team and their work building this organization.

It’s why we are so excited about the future. The next decade at DPS is set to be one of expansion and deepening our impact, as we collaborate with global partners and communities to scale our work. Stakeholders, partners, and those who have collaborated on this work acknowledge its critical nature. It is through long-term thinking, and a broad view of how different systems in the world can come together, that we have been able to contribute to collective impact.

In recognition of the growing challenges and opportunities, we are delighted to announce that DPS will soon embark on a recruitment drive for our next CEO. This summer, we, the founders, will be transitioning to a new chapter in our journey: building an impact-driven company, Goodbit. At Goodbit, we will focus our efforts on scaling technology that has already shown measurable results on COVID-19 response, vaccine misinformation, and labour rights. Through Goodbit, we can focus engagement on key parts of society, including with the private sector, a critical means by which we can support communities, as DPS continues to focus energy on communities facing pressing public and social challenges. In transferring some of the intellectual capital that Digital Public Square has developed, DPS will have a significant contribution made to its sustainability fund to help secure its future.

But our story doesn't end here. These exceptional teams at DPS and Goodbit will continue to work in partnership on two key programs in the coming year. We will leverage the unique strengths and capabilities of both organizations to deliver exciting and meaningful work for communities in need. We believe in the power of teams working together, and have witnessed the astonishing results that can be achieved when we work towards impact that meets the needs of communities worldwide.

As we look ahead, we're filled with optimism. We are confident in the ability of this incredible team, a remarkable Board, and new leadership to guide DPS into a future of ever-increasing impact and success. The next ten years will be focused on growing an ecosystem for this work, expanding on the strong foundation we've had the privilege of supporting. We have a strong mission, a solid record of fiscal responsibility, and a passionate team dedicated to addressing some of the world's hardest issues.

We move forward today with a lot of excitement and an unwavering faith in the power of community. We believe in people working together, and can’t wait to be surprised by what the future holds.

Written by Farhaan Ladhani & Sean Willett